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Post  forsaken7 on Fri May 21, 2010 8:19 pm

The board?
This forum is meant to give the fans and interested people the opportunity to discuss with each other about My Favorite Scar We hope that you have a nice and rocking time on this forum.

How does it work?
To keep a nice ambiance, we have moderators. They have the permission to change the title of a topic or a post, and remove it if it is necessary. Furthermore, the moderators have the right to ban or remove users from the board. If you misbehave, you will receive a warning. If your behaviour doesn’t change, you will receive a ban so you won’t be able to visit the board. Keep in mind, using this board isn’t a right, but a privilege. And above all this is a place to have a good time.

To make everything clear, we have set a couple of rules to make sure, that all users can use it in a nice atmosphere. The past proved that we need rules to keep the forum enjoyable and to prevent agitation. These rules also apply to the private messages. Stick to the rules, not only for yourself, but also for the other users.

1. Look before posting!
Before making a new subject (topic), look if there isn’t already another topic that fits your message. Double topics will be locked and/or removed.

2. Please let's make this forum international so for the moment being, we are just starting and we haven't developed the forums in different languages so for now the forum's official language is English.

3. No Nonsense.
Make sure that what you post, is useful and relevant.

Think before you post. Do you have anything new to bring to discussion? No? Then don't post. It's useless to post "me too"...

4. No Slowchatting.
This forum isn’t meant as a chat box, slow chatting is forbidden. For that there is means like msn, etc.

5. Stay On topic.
Unnecessary straying off the subject isn’t accepted. Stay on topic, to keep the discussion clear.

6. Respect each other
People have different opinions and different backgrounds. Respect each other and each others opinions. Also keep in mind, that new users on the forum not always know, how to use the forum and that they can make a mistake. They're also human beings Wink. Have some patience when they make a mistake, don’t immediately use harsh language against them.

Swearing, threats, dominant behaviour and other kinds of respectless behaviour aren’t accepted.

7. No extreme statements
Every manner of extreme expression of opinion is forbidden. E.g. discrimination, fascism, racism, extremism and porn. You may express yourself and give your opinion, but not in violation of other people's integrity.

8. Think of your own safety.
There are a lot of people using this Forum. To prevent abuse of personal details, posting of e-mail addresses or MSN addresses is forbidden. You can put them in your profile.

10. Moderators keep the rules.
The moderators are here to keep the rules, leave this to them as much as possible. Always follow their instructions. A decision from a moderator is always final. Besides that, a user doesn’t have the right to recall a moderator on account, because you can’t derive a right by using this forum.

11. Commercial Spambots
Forbidden, ofcourse. Action will be taken to prevent any further spam if one is discovered.

12. And above all Rock on! Cool


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